Are you a pro domain buyer?

Good Morning fellow Domainers and friends!

Some weeks ago i already planned to post about one of my favorite books “The 4 hour work week” from Tim Ferris. I really love this book. It has hundreds small advices and practical tips. It made me think what I could simplify in my daily routines. The best about Tims books is that he lifes what talks about.

He produced BrainQuicken and sells it over the internet. BrainQuicken can help to become smarter and as Tim explains in his book - through to huge margins - helped him to become one of the new rich and totally independent of time and place.

Today I found a post on his blog about domains ‘How to buy domain names like a pro‘ and take this as a chance to finally post about Tim. Even as I consider myself a domain pro, I found in this post some great NEW possibilities to tune the process to aquire a domain.

Especially in times like that, domain buying me be on one or the other fellows agenda. I hope you find this post interesting!

Greetings from Namewise

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  1. Says:

    It was definitely an interesting read although I don’t agree with everything he wrote in his blog post.